If you have questions, or if you don’t have questions, this page may be for you! If you have questions that don’t get answered or require more detailed information, head over to our contact page and send us a message. 🙂


Q: What are your prices?
A: pssshhh, EASY. here.

Q: What’s your approach to shooting weddings, and what can we expect?
A: pssshhh, EASY! here.

Q: How does booking you for a wedding work? What’s the process?:

A: Here’s how it goes down:
1) you send us a message from the contact page, telling us your wedding date and location.
2) we’re all like HAY let’s meet up! because meeting is important. we set up a date to meet.
3) we meet, we love each other because you already read through our website and got a feel for who we are so you KNEW what you were getting into and loved it which means you’re cool which means we love you back.
4) you go home to “talk it over” even though you’ve already decided you want us
5) you tell us you want us
6) you give us $500
7) we put you in our calendar.

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: K, so, this answer will have 2 parts – and a foreword. Foreword: Don’t try to put us in a box! We can’t be boxed.

Part 1: shooting style – we’re people with cameras trying to make sure we don’t miss any moments. Our photo coverage is definitely on the “photo-journalistic” side, where we’re just attempting to find the prettiest, most meaningful angle of each event. I call Mat the Moments Man, or Moments Mat, because he finds every.single.moment. I’m prepared to pose people who aren’t professional models when it comes to portrait time – don’t worry. But I want it to look natural and like you guys were just being you guys, you know? I’m good at making that happen.

Part 2: Editing style: I don’t want to put us in a box because we’re growing changing critters and we change all the time. Sometimes an image calls for a dark moody edit, and sometimes I think it calls for a light bright super happy one. I make these decisions based on my experience and what I think looks best. Generally though, the style is “how it looked in real life, but better”.

Q: If we hire you, who will be there actually photographing our wedding?
A: Mat and Sara. Every time. And then Sara will spend many many many hours editing the photos (while snacking and binge-watching all the shows, because ADD).

Q: Why hire a couple? Will you guys give each other sexy looks across the room and then bail to go bang in the bathroom during the ceremony or something?
A: We will give each other sexy looks and I will take a lot of pictures of Mat’s butt when there’s nothing going on, but BUT but I promise we won’t do each other at your wedding. In fact, part of what makes us SUCH a good team is how well we know each other and can predict each others’ moves. This helps us capture different things at different times, confident that we’re getting everything because we know our places and we’ve done this a billion times together (well, like 60 weddings and about 100 engagement and family shoots). We are a well oiled machine.

Q: Do y’all travel for weddings?
A: All over the world if it’s a good fit, But our main areas are within 1-2 hours of Northumberland County. Please do inquire regardless! We don’t charge for travel (unless we’ll need to stay overnight, then it would be highly appreciated if you’d put us in a reasonably nice lodging situation for the night in or near the town the wedding is in)

Q: Have you ever been featured in print or on any blogs?
A: OBVI, we’re awesome. 😀 We’ve been online at Sash and Satin, Elegant Wedding, Style Me Pretty, and in print in Elegant Wedding Magazine and Wedding Bells Magazine. So fancy. We’ve also won awards and contests, but seriously who cares

Q: If you shoot our wedding, how many photos will we get?
A: Short answer, “a lot”. Longer answer… well, it is common for us to deliver well over 1000 photos (like, WELL over). For the sake of covering my own ass though, in case for whatever reason a particular wedding actually doesn’t contain a lot of really “special moments” and there’s just a lot of standing around eating, you will get at least 500-600, which is actually a typical delivery number among most wedding photographers. HOWEVER. Like mentioned above, it’s common for us to deliver two, three, or four times that amount. I’m really really bad at throwing out photos just because the image isn’t perfect, or doesn’t look like a work of art on its own. We all like different photos for different reasons, and I know that sometimes what other people view as a beautiful picture of me I’ll view as the ugliest. For this reason, I deliver basically every picture in which there’s something going on. I’ve never had anybody complain about having too many pictures, other than to say, like, “ok but how will I choose a profile picture now? God DAMN you, Sara.” I’m ok with that.

Q: How long after the wedding do we get our photos?
A: Short answer — as fast as I can get them to you. Omg, there’s nothing worse than knowing people are waiting on you. That being said, I have a toddler and disabled parents and, being real, shit gets busy and shit gets hard. So. It might be 2 weeks. It might be a month. It might be three months. But if you need something ASAP, I will put you on top of the pile. You just gotta let me know. For reference, in 2017 the longest anybody waited for their wedding photos from me was 12 weeks.

Q: What gear do you use?
A: NERD ALERT so excited.
Sara’s babies: Canon 5D MkIV, Canon 85mm 1.2L, Sigma Art 35mm 1.4, Canon 14mm 2.8L. I have more gear but those are my main men right there.
Mat’s babies: Canon 5D MkIV, Canon 135mm 1.4L, Sigma 24 1.4, Sigma Art 50mm 1.4. He has more gear, too, but those are his faves. And by that I mean those are the ones that I basically demand he brings to every wedding because I’m controlling.

Our backup is a Canon 5D Mk III, which is what I used for the 2015-2016 season.

Q: Do you do prints and albums?
A: We do albums of two different calibers — #1 is cheap, no frills, but pretty enough, #2 is FANCY with fancy packaging and all the things. The products reflect the prices. Both are printed and made in North America, but the Fancy kind is made every time in Toronto.
We do prints, too, of course, but they’re f**king expensive through us. You’re welcome to print whatever you want wherever you want, but if you need high-quality pro-prints, we can meet those needs for you. They will be printed in Toronto.

Q: Can we be friends?
A: YES if you’re not d-bags. But also Sara goes to bed at 9pm, so, unless you want to hang out during the day we might have to keep our relationship in our dreams.