i guess let’s talk dollarz

here it is. the ugly bit. the “investment” as we call it. which, it is. but. i’d just rather not, like, coat it in sugar. ’cause i like being real. so let’s be as real as real can be right now and agree that wedding photographers (and weddings themselves and other photography related things) are friggin’ ex-pen-siiiiiive. we are. but this is not money you will ever regret spending. trust. here’s all i got:


the one everybody gets – $4000
photography by sara + mat of: engagement and wedding day – guys and girls getting ready + ceremony + portraits + reception until approx 30-mins after the dance floor opens + downloadable gallery of edited high-res images.  coverage begins approximately 1 hour before the dress goes on. gallery will be active for 10 years. 

the biggie – bigger, badder, beefier – $5600
photography by sara+mat of: engagement and wedding day – guys and girls getting ready + ceremony + portraits + reception until your fancy exit with sparklers and/or fireworks and stuff (if you’re not having a fancy exit you should have something else to make our extra coverage really count!) **coverage begins approximately 1 hour before the dress goes on. exit must be completed by midnight. we can absolutely do a pretend exit if you’re not ready to leave the party by then.
includes downloadable gallery of edited high-res images + 8×10 (or similar – 8×8 + other sizes available) gorgeous locally handmade wedding album (20 pages).

CUSTOM – elopements, destinations, atypical or multi-day weddings – $$?$?$??$?$?$
tell me what you need and i’ll figure out what it’ll cost ya. we like to be accommodating and fair to both ourselves and our clients.

BOUDOIR, FAMILY + LIFESTYLE: $375-$600 – inquire for details


lifestyle shoots are so fun!! we show up and photograph you performing routine activities in your home (or wherever) with your family (or spouse or whatever) and it gives what looks like a real (but slightly more glamorous) glimpse into YOUR life. Then we give you some direction and do some poses that don’t look posed. lol. You can do some camera-aware ones too, obv. But we like to keep it *mostly* candid.

ladies and couples boudoir shoots are available (no dude-oir at this time, unless under a very, very special circumstance), but if you’re just a lady, do not request mat to shoot you in your undies. because i’m possessive like that and he’s a goddamned gentleman, goddamnit, and his virgin eyes and mind needn’t be tainted by your evil vixen bodies. i’m mostly kidding about that last part, but really, boudoir is totally my thing so i’ll be the one doing that.


we can supply you with gorgeous boutique handmade fine art albums starting at, cry, $450. they aren’t expensive like that because i hate you and want to take your life savings.  don’t think i’m robbing you. just know that there is no such thing as better quality than this studio offers. worth erry penny.

you can order beautiful professional prints DIRECTLY FROM YOUR GALLERY! WOO. You can also be a turd and take your beautiful photos to your local “mart” to be butchered, but expect only the worst, k? don’t say i didn’t warn you. but really i don’t care. your choice!