Mat (by Sara)

Mat. where to even begin …?!?! i like lists. and facts. i’ll do a fact list.

fact 1. mat’s hair is glorious

fact 2. mat’s beard is glorious

fact 3. sara loves mat

fact 4. everyone else loves mat also

fact 5. mat is the SWEETEST PERSON EVER in the most genuine way

fact 6. mat takes incredible photographs of incredible moments – the loud ones, the quiet ones, and the ones that think they’re invisible (see below)

fact 7. mat wrestles bears

fact 8. mat says he gets allergies during wedding ceremonies and speeches but he’s actually crying because he’s a goddamned softie

fact 9. mat wrestles bears again to balance out the crying

fact 10. mat makes fantastic bird sounds. eagerly.

fact 11. mat is a better husband, co-parent, and business partner than sara coulda ever asked for or even imagined.

fact 12. mat loves pizza a lot, and bike riding

fact 13. sara likes to bastardize mat’s name on place cards at weddings — please let her know if you want to help her make fun of him by customizing his name at YOUR wedding. it’s the most fun.

fact 14. many people use the word “zen” when describing mat, and he’s also into martial arts.

fact 15. mat makes sure sara is organized and brings all the things she forgot to pack (this is in all situations — not just photography)

fact 15.5 mat is a very, very, very excellent jedi

fact 16. mat is a SAINT for putting up with and loving sara and has made her the luckiest girl in the world because he is the actual best person in said world (the entire thing, + universe)

fact 17. if you start a question with the words “do you know” mat (and sara) will almost certainly blurt out “THE MUFFIN MAN?!” before you can finish. because he (we) loves mom + dad jokes. sorry in advance.

fact 18. mat likes food almost as much as sara, but is much less aggressive about it.

fact 19. mat’s eyes are bluer than the sea, and his dimple deeper (though it’s hard to tell under his beard).

fact 20. you can’t tell when he isn’t naked, but mat is a secret beefcake. i’m not a small woman. look at those forearms. fuck.

i think that’ll do for now. here’s a rugged manly pure-sex picture i took of him while he was knifing some kindling that he’ll almost certainly ask me to take down when he sees it. i’m just gonna not tell him i even made this page. he’ll find it one day. it’ll be funny.