Dudettes and dudes:

Our contact form is being super wonky in the last few months and it seems that maybe kind of often (I only know when someone bothers to reach out to me on social media after thinking they’ve been ignored) I am legitimately just not ever receiving the submission forms people are sending me from here. So, if you inquire through the contact form below and I don’t respond to you within 24 hours, PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY at and CC

Or, if you hate email, feel free to find me on social media and message me there – I’m Sara Tanner on facebook, we’re Mat and Sara Like to Photo also on facebook, and we’re @matandsaraliketophoto on instagram.

I do. not. ignore. emails. so if I’ve ever ignored one of your emails, I DIDN’T ACTUALLY IGNORE YOUR EMAIL. I just didn’t get it and that makes me real’ sad.